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About Us

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) is Southern California’s reliable, experienced provider of mobile data destruction services.

We recognize the challenges that businesses face: too little office space and too many storage costs; the threat of corporate espionage and the theft of customer identities; the desire to follow federal privacy laws, to clear out old records, and to do it all while staying “green.” CDDC is your solution. We help companies destroy unwanted, out-of-date, and confidential materials in a secure, environmentally-friendly manner.

Working with CDDC

Our clients include national Fortune 500 companies, NASA, JBL, the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department and small businesses in Southern California. We work with companies from Bakersfield to Laguna Beach, Malibu to Pomona, and all of Antelope Valley. We have partnerships with certified providers across the country to service national accounts.

Clients choose us because we are…

Professional. Customer service is our top priority. We keep our services flexible to meet the needs of our clients and strive to identify answers to their challenges. Also, because of our experience and because we keep up with industry trends, we can guide them in document retention policies and compliance with federal and state privacy laws.

Certified. We take our work seriously and confidential data destruction requires compliance with various regulations to ensure client privacy. Our NAID AAA certification meets the stringent standards of HIPAA privacy laws and is the only internationally recognized and FTC-approved standard. This means that the particle size, employee training, transport, and record-keeping related to your data destruction is monitored and secure.

Reliable. Our clients count on us for on-time, courteous, and secure service. This applies even to data destruction projects that involve a high level of complexity, such as mixed media and electronic components. We know how to handle requests that call for special skills and technology.

Competitively-priced. We work with clients to identify options that fit both their document destruction needs and their budgets. With our range of services, we help a variety of businesses achieve this goal.

Our Background

CDDC is a division of AVM Technologies, Inc., a computer and software leader for over 30 years. CDDC’s core competencies—document and data destruction—grew out of AVM’s e-waste disposal services. Together, CDDC and AVM Technologies, Inc. offer businesses a full life cycle of document services, including scanning, storage, and destruction. We welcome your call to discuss what we can do for you.

Non-Profit Work

Confidential Data Destruction is proud to be able to support to our local communities. We have partnered with Contribute Coalition™ to give back a percentage of each sale to the members of the coalition. In addition, we have also partnered with The Child & Family Center, which is an organization that helps children and adults gain access to prevention, counseling and other vital services. To learn more about these wonderful organizations, please click on the photos below.

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