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Can We Recycle the Paper We Shred?


Most offices shred paper and throw it into recycling without a second thought. The truth is that once you shred documents, it is more difficult to recycle because the grade of shredded paper is lower than when it is whole. Even if the paper meets the specifications for recycling, the recycling plant it is taken to may not even accept your business’s shredded paper and wind up throwing it away.

How Paper Gets Recycled

Once your recyclable paper reaches its end destination, it gets sorted based on the grade and length of fibers. Longer paper fibers found in whole paper are usually turned into office paper again. But when shredded paper comes to the recycling plant it is downcycled, meaning that it becomes a lesser product such as tissue or toilet paper.

How CDDC Can Help

With the average U.S. office worker averaging an entire 100-foot Douglas Fir per year, even a small business can quickly accumulate an unmanageable amount of paper waste and large carbon footprint. At CDDC, our job is shredding documents and safely disposing of the leftover material. This includes locating a recycler to process your shredded paper into a reused product.

Our mobile shredding and offsite shredding services includes drop-off or pickup options and provides service for any budget, allowing your business to commit to green policies without worrying about cost.

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