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Dangers of Improper Document Destruction

improper-document-destructionCompanies exchange sensitive personal information with customers at a rapid pace. This leaves customers open to attack from people who want to rob them of their identity, and businesses vulnerable to fines from government agencies who want to protect citizens’ sensitive information. The widespread nature of these crimes means that improper document destruction can cause your company to:

  • Incur heavy fines.
  • Lose consumer confidence.
  • Expose confidential company information to the public.

Any information that you dispose of conventionally, in dumpsters or unsecure containers, is at risk for misuse.

Protect the Identities of Customers, Employees, and Your Company

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) has outlined a number of precautions followed by responsible document destruction companies, such as CDDC. Your information is protected from identity thieves, rival businesses, and other people who want to expose your company’s, employees’, and customers’ private information for personal gain.

CDDC Services Guarantee Security

As a responsible document destruction company, our primary concern is the safety of our customers. This is why we are:

  • NAID AAA certified.
  • HIPAA compliant to protect health information.
  • FACTA compliant to protect credit information.
  • GLBA compliant to protect financial information.

In addition to our certifications, we work with organizations such as NASA and JPL, high-profile companies with sensitive information that need high quality, secure document destruction.

If you are concerned about improper document destruction, call CDDC at (888) 826-2332 to schedule services that will immediately help your company comply.