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How Does Mobile Paper Shredding Work?

mobile-shreddingMost paper shredding companies have facilities where they can bring documents for shredding. At CDDC, we know that companies value the convenience of a shredding company with high-quality secure services most convenient for you. This is why we offer our clients a mobile shredding service that comes to your business to shred your documents on site whenever and wherever you need us.

Why Should I Use Mobile Paper Shredding?

By shredding your papers on site, you will know when we complete the job and can remain secure in the knowledge that confidential documents have been properly destroyed. CDDC’s mobile paper shredding service includes:

  • Hauling your papers to our mobile shredding truck.
  • Shredding it on-site at a rate of 6500 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Removing the remnants of documents and recycling them.

CDDC prides itself on consistently meeting the high-caliber standard set by NAID’s AAA certification. Every service we offer guarantees 100% security for your business’s secure documents.

What Makes CDDC a Secure Paper Shredding Service?

CDDC has acquired the shredding industry’s gold standard for certification, NAID’s AAA certification for shredding services that are HIPAA, GLBA, and FACTA compliant. We work with companies ranging from NASA and JPL to small local businesses to deliver secure paper shredding services to businesses of all sizes and requirements. CDDC also follows state, federal, and local regulations for secure document shredding that leaves clients with highly sensitive information at ease.

How Far Do You Travel?

The beauty of mobile shredding services is that we come to you. We are not restricted by distance, but drive a self-contained mobile shredding service to your office. We can destroy your documents as needed, whether you’re 5 miles away or 1,000 miles.

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