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How Can Secure Document Shredding Help Prevent Identity Theft

shredding-prevents-identity-theftEach year, fifteen million Americans are the victims of identity theft, with a total loss amounting to nearly $50 billion. One way that people can access this sensitive information is by sifting through business documents that have been disposed of improperly. Your business and employees are forced to face unnecessary risks when your employees or an uncertified company shreds secure documents.

The top three problems that companies face when destroying sensitive documents are:

  • Identity thieves piecing together documents after they have been shredded.
  • The minute your information leaves your office building, it becomes public and there are no legal protections for incompletely shredded documents.
  • Longer times to destroy documents that take hours away from your employees’ normal job responsibilities.

This leaves your company open to identity theft and your employees preoccupied with responsibilities that have nothing to do with building a productive business.

What Makes a Document Shredding Company Secure?

Protecting your business from identity theft is as simple as finding a shredding company with several different certifications and that adheres to federal and state regulations regarding particle size. CDDC provides its clients services that will:

  • Meet the high standards set forth by NAID’s AAA certification.
  • Help you create a timeline for destroying sensitive information.
  • Allow you to monitor the process.
  • Recycle all shredded material.

At CDDC, we follow the highest industry standards to ensure that your business’ data will not fall into the wrong hands.

What Kind of Companies Need Secure Document Shredding?

While you might have a small or medium sized business that you think is safe from identity theft, this is no reason to neglect professional shredding. Any type of personal information can quickly turn into a valuable commodity when it’s in the wrong hands. At CDDC we adhere to strict policies that cater to high-profile clients such as NASA, JPL, and Fortune 500 companies.

To protect your business from identity theft, call CDDC’s shredding experts at (888) 826-2332 to get options that work for you.