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Stay One-of-a-Kind. Learn About Identity Theft in Ventura.

identity-theftYou’ve spent years building a life for yourself and your family. Don’t let someone else borrow and abuse it.

It’s both a national concern and a local issue here in Ventura: identity theft. Robbery of your personal information can create huge problems for your finances, credit, taxes, and medical care. By taking action now, fortunately, you can prevent these consequences.

Why Identity Theft Happens

Whether it’s online or in person, sensitive services require us to provide information proving our identity and that, yes, we want to take out that loan, file those taxes, get medical care, and so on. To protect us, providers request private information before granting us access.

Identity theft usually targets this private information, which may include your…

  • Social Security number.
  • Credit card number.
  • Health insurance number.
  • Identification card, such as a driver’s license.

By using a shortcut to “become” you, the thief gains access to a world of resources that he or she can misuse, leaving you to deal with the aftermath.

For Victims in Ventura, Identity Theft Takes Many Forms

Thieves use a variety of methods to steal private information:

  • Taking mail from your mailbox and digging through the trash. This can give them access to credit card offers, messages from your bank, and other communications with sensitive information.
  • Skimming your ATM or credit card. Thieves may install a card reader on top of an ATM machine or physically steal the card information at a place of business with high volume, like a gas station or restaurant.
  • Social engineering. Thieves contact you by telephone or email and pose as a business that you trust with your private information.
  • Corporate data breach. Several high-profile companies have been hacked in recent months, allowing thieves to steal the private information of thousands of customers.

After identity theft, Ventura thieves can use the information for many illegal purposes. As examples, they can empty your bank account or open a new credit card in your name, using it for purchases they never pay off. They can file expensive health insurance claims, establish phones and other services in your name, and apply for a tax refund or a job.

One of the best methods of protecting yourself against identity theft is preventing access to your private information. Ensure that you eliminate sensitive paper and electronic records on an ongoing basis. Taking this basic-but-important step can help you avoid costly and time-consuming repercussions.

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