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Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Document Destruction

Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Document Destruction: Confidential, Convenient and Earth Conscious

For smart businesses in Inglewood and Torrance, mobile document destruction is the obvious choice for confidential, convenient and earth-conscious document and data disposal. And at Confidential Data Destruction Company, we are your local mobile document destruction experts. Locally established, yet nationally connected, we have the certifications, experience and expertise to meet all of your on-site paper shredding, eWaste disposal and secure document disposal needs.

Some of our specialties include:

Confidential Data Destruction

The security of you and your customer’s data is our priority—we couldn’t call ourselves the Confidential Data Destruction Company if it wasn’t. We give you the peace of mind of watching your sensitive documents, hard drives, CDs and files destroyed right in front of your eyes. Afterward, we’ll issue you a Certificate of Destruction which specifically itemizes what we’ve processed for you. Our on-site shredders are HIPAA and FACTA compliant, meaning you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done right by your clients and coworkers.

Convenient On-site Service

From on-demand document destruction to scheduled pickups, we can devise a mobile document destruction plan that fits your needs and budget. We’ll provide you with a locked container to keep your confidential documents safe in between visits. Or, if you prefer, you can drop your documents off at one of our certified facilities. Time is money—and our mobile document destruction services save you both.

Earth-Conscious Mobile Document Destruction

Our low-emissions mobile shredding trucks save your sensitive data from prying eyes and landfills. We take your shredded documents and eWaste and deliver it directly to a certified recycling facility. Each of our trucks carries over 5 tons of paper, which, when recycled, saves a total of 35,000 gallons of water, 16.5 cubic yards of landfill space, 5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and enough energy to power the average American home for 2 years. Doesn’t it feel good to go green?

Confidential Data Destruction Company serves government offices, businesses and homes in Bakersfield, Laguna Beach, Inland Empire, Ventura and Inglewood and Torrance. Mobile document destruction customers can call us toll free at (888) 826-2332.