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Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Document Destruction Offers Small Businesses Time-Saving, Convenience, and Security

Ideally, your small business would use every employee and resource as efficiently as possible. Of course, this ignores the time you need to spend on everything outside of serving your customers. Inglewood and Torrance mobile document destruction can give this time back to your small businesses as well as provide greater security and convenience in your work.

Whatever your company’s industry, it is likely that you generate paper records that you no longer need or are required by law to destroy. These might be documents that you are converting to digital format; court-mandated paperwork that must be shredded; or old, out-of-date marketing materials. The right shredding provider can help you eliminate these materials in a way that works with the way that you work.

Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Document Destruction for Small Businesses

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) typically recommends a periodic purge for small businesses that have immediate needs but that do not require ongoing waste pickup. Buconfidential-data-destruction-company-trucksinesses that generate a regular volume of paper and electronic waste should consider scheduled container pickup instead.

With either mobile document destruction service

  • Your company doesn’t have to haul its materials for shredding. This is helpful to many small businesses that don’t have their own truck or have the time to collect, transport, and deliver documents for recycling or destruction.
  • You and your employees save time. Our shredding trucks can eliminate hundreds of pounds of material at once. This is a significant improvement over the “feed-and-wait approach” that office shredders require.
  • You can protect your employees. Most office shredders aren’t equipped to handle paperclips, binders, or a bulk of pages at one time. This presents a risk of misuse or overuse. In these cases, it’s safer to put the job in the hands of a Inglewood and Torrance mobile paper shredding company.

How Does a Purge Work for a Small Business?

In the case of our business, a CDDC staff member schedules a pickup date and time with you. Before the pickup, we can deliver collection canisters that you and your staff can use to dump old files and unwanted paper waste, including binders, staples, and clips.

On the day of the pickup, trained team members arrive on-site at your business and haul these papers from your building. They load the materials into our shredder truck, which quickly destroys your papers and renders the data inaccessible.

If you want to witness the destruction process, CDDC’s trucks include a video monitor on which you can see the materials as they are shredded. Our mobile document destruction company offers an itemized invoice and a notarized Certificate of Destruction at the end of every pickup. This is especially important for small businesses that are required to show that they used due diligence in protecting sensitive information.

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