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How Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Shredding Services Work

Confidential Data Destruction Company makes information security and sustainability simple for homes and offices in Inglewood and Torrance. Mobile shredding services by CDDC collect and haul away papers; eliminate data from access; and recycle materials for use in new products.

If you are interested in shredding and recycling, learn below about our process.

1. Project Requirements

CDDC has years of experience serving a variety of customers, from families with periodic shredding needs to large businesses with an ongoing volume of electronic and paper waste. In a telephone conversation, we answer all of your questions about our services, and we help you determine the most cost-effective and appropriate plan. We also schedule your first pickup.

2. Periodic Purges and Inglewood and Torrance Mobile Shredding Services

Many first-time customers begin with a purge of archived documents that need to be destroyed securely. These might be:

  • Old financial records that have sensitive information but that are no longer required.
  • Documents that a court has ordered to be destroyed.
  • Materials that have data that is legally protected, such as employee social security numbers or health care information.

CDDC’s mobile shredding service trucks can hold up to 11,000 pounds of paper and chew through whole file boxes in mere minutes. They can also handle staples, paperclips, and other materials, which saves customers the time they might otherwise spend removing these bindings.

3. Scheduled Container Pickup

Scheduled container pickup is best for customers with ongoing shredding needs. Either before or after the first purge, we arrange a regular day and time for our Inglewood and Torrance paper shredding services to come to your location.

To help with this process, CDDC provides business customers with secure document containers and bins free of charge before their pickup. Our team places these bins throughout their facility and gives the office manager a key (if needed). This allows businesses to collect sensitive documents securely and in central locations until our next visit, when we empty out the containers and shred the contents on-site.

4. Witnessed Destruction and Drop-Off

As part of mobile shredding services, CDDC offers customers or their legal representatives the opportunity to witness the destruction of their materials.

If services are taking place on-site, witnesses can observe on a monitor embedded in our pickup truck as materials are loaded and shredded. We also offer the option for off-site shredding; customers can watch from the safety of an office overlooking our certified destruction facility. Then, we weigh the processed material and issue a Certificate of Destruction as proof of the service.

Regardless of whether Inglewood and Torrance customers need to observe our mobile shredding services, they can drop off materials at our facility during normal business hours. Families and businesses with limited and periodic shredding volume often take advantage of this option as a secure solution to unwanted paper materials.

To learn more about how CDDC can support you or business, call toll-free at (888) 826-2332.