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3 Challenges Solved by Inglewood and Torrance Paper Shredding Services

The world is transitioning from paper-based communications to digital. Still, many homes and businesses are awash in paper records, receipts, and printouts, either because their providers don’t offer a digital option or because they don’t have an easy way to remove large volumes of material.

Inglewood and Torrance paper shredding services, like those that CDDC provides, can help families and companies with these paper documents. Explore three common concerns customers face and how shredding can resolve them.

Free Up Space at Home or in the Office

You’ve gone from file folders to file boxes to file rooms. Over time, paper records can overwhelm your physical space. This becomes a more significant problem as your household or staff grows and you need more room, whether it’s for a new baby or a new employee.

Paper isn’t the only thing taking up space. As homes and businesses rely on digital technology, we collect and upgrade equipment on an ongoing basis. Old computers and mobile devices sit side by side with dusty CDs, DVDs, and other media, even as their data becomes out of date and unnecessary.

Inglewood and Torrance document destruction and paper shredding services can eliminate these materials and let you reclaim your space. CDDC arranges either a one-time purge or scheduled container service depending on your ongoing needs. We also offer electronic waste disposal for electronics, media, and communication devices.

Save Time with Inglewood and Torrance Paper Shredding Services

Many businesses and some homes have their own paper shredder. These machines are a good option for the occasional handful of documents, but they are typically limited in the volume and the materials that they can handle.

As a result, owners of retail equipment may need to go through their documents to remove staples and other bindings. They may also need to feed small amounts of paper into their machine to avoid jams or dangerous malfunctions. Securely destroying unwanted electronics is even more complex. This investment of time is an unnecessary waste.

Choosing a company like CDDC to eliminate paper and electronic materials frees you from these lengthy tasks. Our paper shredding services can handle all of these materials, and our trained technicians can manage the work on your behalf.

Keep Data in Unwanted Materials Safe from Prying Eyes

From social security numbers to bank accounts to health care information, there is just some data that you don’t want out in the wild. Throwing papers into the trash doesn’t protect them from people who might want a peek, and even reputable recycling companies aren’t set up to protect your privacy from delivery to shredding.

For many businesses, this is a particular concern. On one hand, they want to work in an environmentally friendly fashion. On the other hand, they may be legally required to eliminate papers in a specific way as well as document this process.

It’s one additional reason customers choose Confidential Data Destruction Company: we offer Inglewood and Torrance NAID-certified paper shredding services. Adhering to these professional national standards ensures that your information is protected and that our management of your materials is documented.

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