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3 Benefits of Mobile Paper Shredding Services

Inglewood mobile paper shreddingGetting rid of confidential or sensitive documents securely is something every business should take seriously. One minor mishap can lead to some consequences you don’t want to deal with, from both a client perspective and even a legal perspective. This is one of the main reasons why mobile paper shredding services in Inglewood are becoming so popular today.

When you consider the time and effort it takes to shred your own documents, mobile paper shredding services are generally the more attractive option for companies. Mobile services can process upwards of 6,500 pounds of paper per hour, so the time comparison is significant. Aside from the convenience and time-saving aspects, though, here are three other reasons why you should consider these services.

Reduce Risks of Liability and Identity Theft

With mobile paper shredding in Inglewood, you’ll be able to see your documents get shredded and locked securely in a bin. Compare this to your own in-house shredding, or not shredding at all, where documents could easily get misplaced and into the hands of the wrong person inadvertently. When your documents are shredded along with thousands of other documents from other companies, it’s virtually impossible for an identity thief to reconstruct them. Hence, your risk of liability and identity theft for you and your customers and clients are decreased significantly.

Your Documents Are Always in Sight

Witnessing your documents being destroyed gives you peace of mind knowing you can back up any claims of potentially mishandling sensitive documents. There are potentially serious legal consequences of not handling confidential material appropriately, so ensuring all documents are shredded securely is critical to maintaining compliance.

When you can see the entire shredding process unfold before your eyes with a mobile shredding service, you don’t have to wonder what happened to your documents. And many mobile paper shredding services will provide you with documentation confirming legal compliance with the destruction of your documents, just in case an issue arises in the future.

Save Time and Money While Increasing Work Productivity

Boosting the bottom line is usually the main goal for any company. A lot of times simple changes in policies or procedures can have a trickle-down effect leading to time and money savings. Aside from the protection, confidentiality and legal benefits of mobile paper shredding services in Inglewood, you can increase your work productivity and save time and money as well.

Think about how much paper you go through on a daily basis. You would have to hire someone full-time to shred all of these documents in many cases. Allocate those resources elsewhere to move your business forward, and rely on mobile paper shredding services to handle the tedious shredding work.

Confidential Data Destruction Company understands the challenges Inglewood businesses face when it comes to storage space, securing confidential information and protecting customers. We are professional, certified, reliable and competitively-priced, and are equipped to work with companies of all sizes.

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