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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Reputable Paper Shredding Services

Thousand Oaks Paper Shredding Services Many businesses have a legal obligation to protect sensitive client information. It’s also important that internal company data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. It’s imperative that businesses take data destruction very seriously. The last thing any organization needs is legal action taken against them as a result of negligence.

This means finding a reputable company that provides paper shredding services. However, before hiring the first company to come up in a Google search, there are a few things businesses must consider. Let’s go over what to look for when searching for reputable paper shredding services in Thousand Oaks

The Right Certification

Because identity theft is such a big problem, today, laws and regulations have been put in place for data destruction companies to adhere to. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) closely monitors the shredding industry. They’ve implemented an AAA Certification program, which oversees background checks, the data destruction process and even drug testing for companies providing paper shredding services.

This AAA certification includes regular audits performed by security experts in order to make sure a company is following the required guidelines and best practices. When searching for a company to work with, NAID AAA certification is essential. This ensures business operations are in line with HIPAA privacy laws. Check a company’s website for an official NAID badge.


Keeping a close eye on budgeting is important for any business. Organizations looking to hire paper shredding services most likely have a high volume of material needing to be destroyed. This makes finding the most competitive prices in the Thousand Oaks area very important. It pays to get a handle on what the industry standard is for data destruction before working with a company.

Businesses must then seek out paper shredding services that will work with them on finding the right set of services to fit their budget. A good company will value this new business relationship and will be flexible in pricing, especially when entering into a contract.

Handling a Business’s Needs 

Before a business hires a shredding company, they must nail down the details of all services provided. Data destruction isn’t just about paper shredding services. Finding out if they offer both on and off-site service is the first step. With on-site service, the shredding is performed at a client’s place of business. Off-site service means a company takes the materials and destroys them at the shredding facility. On-site shredding is very important if a company needs to witness the destruction of their data.

Businesses also need to consider whether they’ll need other items shredded and make sure the company they choose can facilitate their needs. This could include disk or other e-waste destruction. Even if a company doesn’t need this right away, it may be needed in the future. Finding a service that can handle a wide range of data destruction other than paper shredding services pays off in the long run.

Find the Best Paper Shredding Services in Thousand Oaks 

For businesses needing data destruction in Thousand Oaks, doing a little homework is crucial before hiring someone. They must also evaluate their overall needs to ensure they’ve found the right service.

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