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4 Reasons Businesses Use Mobile Shredding Services

Pasadena Mobile ShreddingMany businesses must ensure client privacy by using a data destruction company. However, every organization is different, and some require all shredding to be performed on-site. Taking advantage of mobile shredding makes this extremely easy.  During this process, a data destruction service does all the shredding at a company’s location. This provides business owners with the peace of mind knowing all documents are thoroughly being destroyed using industry standard equipment. Let’s look at some benefits of on-site mobile shredding in Pasadena.

A More Convenient Option 

Maintaining a high level of productivity is important for any business. Document shredding takes time and requires professional equipment to ensure the process is done quickly and effectively. When a business opts for mobile shredding, a data destruction company comes to them. This means employees don’t have to worry about the task themselves and can concentrate on their jobs. Business owners also won’t have to worry about transporting their documents to a facility to be shredded. Plus, for organizations that have many materials to destroy, relying on office shredders isn’t efficient.

Witness Data Destruction

For businesses in Pasadena with a legal obligation to witness the destruction of sensitive data, mobile shredding is the best option. A mobile shredding service will perform all shredding on-site, making it easy for a representative to witness the process. Businesses may also be able to view the on-site shredding via security cameras, making the process that much easier. This is much more efficient than someone from physically going to a facility to witness the data destruction.

Volume and Versatility

Some people may think on-site mobile shredding services aren’t as reliable as off-site shredding. However, the equipment used is highly effective and can handle huge volumes of paper. This means, regardless of the volume of shredding required, an on-site service will be able to fulfill any business’s needs. They’ll also be able to easily carry shredded paper off-site instead of leaving the disposal process up to the business. Along with the ability to destroy a large amount of material, mobile service isn’t limited to paper items. Destruction of CDs, hard drives, and other e-waste are available. Think of mobile shredding as a one-stop mobile service making all forms of data destruction much easier.

Environmentally Friendly 

Today, Pasadena businesses must strive to be more environmentally conscious. Some organizations may find this difficult when they’re required to shred a high volume of paper on a regular basis. The last thing they want is for this material to end up in landfills. Fortunately, opting for mobile shredding services means materials are being recycled after they’re destroyed. This way shredded paper can be turned into new paper products instead of contributing to rising greenhouse gases. Businesses are not only protecting their clients’ sensitive information, but they’re also protecting the future of the environment.

Take Advantage of On-site Shredding in Pasadena

Companies can’t let data destruction get in the way of day-to-day operations. By opting for mobile shredding, they receive a high level of convenience and the peace of mind knowing all sensitive data is properly disposed of.

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