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A Complete Guide to Paper Shredding

Inglewood Paper Shredding servicesPaper shredding may seem like a simple concept, but when performed on a commercial level, there are a number of features to consider. Before businesses in Inglewood hire paper shredding services to help them dispose of documents, they need to understand what services are available. Each organization is different and needs professional data destruction for different purposes. The most important thing companies can do is determine their exact requirements. Then, they can find a service to best fit their needs. Below is a guide to paper shredding services that will shed some light on the types of services available

Mobile Shredding Service

On-site, mobile shredding is a great way for businesses to save time while also having their documents effectively destroyed. When an organization opts for mobile paper shredding services, the company they hire will come to them and perform all the shredding at their location. Most data destruction providers have trucks equipped with industrial shredders, making the process quick and easy. Plus, businesses won’t have to worry about an employee transporting the materials to a facility. Mobile shredding provides a level of convenience many businesses require to save time and money.

Off-Site Shredding

For companies that have the resources available to transport sensitive documents, off-site paper shredding services is a great cost-saving option. With this service, a representative delivers the papers to a data destruction facility for shredding. Businesses considering this service need to make sure they have the appropriate means of transportation needed to deliver a large volume of material. However, if this isn’t an option, data destruction companies can come to pick up the materials and take them off-site for shredding. This provides Inglewood businesses with another convenient way to dispose of documents without having to do much work themselves.

Shred Events

Hosting a shred event is a great way for businesses to dispose of sensitive data and also get the community involved. Organizations can put on shred events, hiring paper shredding services to provide on-site mobile shredding for others in the area. Individuals and businesses can bring their documents and have them shredded while participating in a community event. This is a great advertising opportunity for businesses, and it also helps boost their local reputation. Shred events also raise awareness of the risks associated with identity theft and provide people in the community with a convenient way to destroy sensitive material.

Witnessed Destruction Services 

Another option when working with paper shredding services is witnessed destruction. This is the perfect solution for Inglewood businesses who have a legal obligation to witness the destruction of client data. During this service, a business representative watches as the shredding takes place. This can be done in a few different ways. They can either go to the facility and witness the shredding or view the shredding on-site with mobile services. Another feature many paper shredding services provide is the ability to witness data destruction via video. This provides a level of convenience and also ensures the company is adhering to their legal obligations.

Find the Right Paper Shredding Services

For Inglewood businesses needing frequent data destruction, office shredders simply won’t cut it. Expert paper shredding services can help fulfill their needs. Using this guide will help organizations pinpoint exactly what service is best for them.

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