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Can I Use Your Paper Shredding Services for One Time or Annual Clean Ups?

Torrance paper shredding servicesBusinesses are required to keep certain documents for a specific amount of time before they can be securely disposed of. Good organizational practices can make annual cleanups a breeze since you will know exactly when a document or set of documents no longer need to be retained. When it comes time to dispose of these documents, finding reliable paper shredding services in Torrance should be your first step. Here are some things to consider about these services and what you can shred in your annual office cleanup.

Types of Files to Shred Annually

Every business is different and has various requirements when it comes to the length of time they must keep certain documents. However, in general, you can use paper shredding services to dispose of:

  • Old financial records
  • Investment or real estate records
  • Employment applications, internal reports, and similar miscellaneous documents
  • Old compliance records
  • Documents used in a complete litigation matter or an audit
  • Digital files containing these documents and more

These are only a few of the many different examples paper shredding services can destroy for you in your annual cleanup. Some paper shredding services will even work with companies to develop a plan to fit compliance requirements, budget concerns and any other aspects surrounding the business.

When to Schedule Shredding Services

Many companies in Torrance use paper shredding services at the end of the calendar year, mainly to get a fresh start for the new year. You can schedule regular service to come on a certain date each year, or make an appointment every year. Another great time to consider paper shredding services is if you are relocating to a new office. Instead of taking old documents and files with you, spend some time going through them and purging the unnecessary ones to reduce the clutter at your new office. This is a great one-time use of paper shredding services and can prevent confidential documents from getting into the hands of the wrong person.

Leave Your Shredding to the Professionals

Your annual cleanup will likely have more files than what an in-office shredder can handle. Most companies today are simply too busy to allocate resources to handle paper shredding in-house. This is especially true since those resources can be used in other aspects to move business forward and boost the bottom line. Paper shredding services in Torrance exist for both regular shredding routines and one-time or annual cleanups.

The files being destroyed in an annual cleanup likely include very sensitive and confidential information, so don’t take a chance on having the information compromised. When you use reputable paper shredding services, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your annual cleanup was handled by professionals.

Confidential Data Destruction Company serves businesses in Torrance and the surrounding areas. We are certified and knowledgeable about all of the laws and regulations when it comes to securely shredding documents, so you can rely on us to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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