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Do I Need to Remove Paper Clips, Staples or Binder Clips Before Getting Paper Shredding Services?

Inglewood paper shredding servicesImportant files have to be shredded for many companies in Inglewood. Not only are businesses legally required to comply with secure shredding practices, but these practices can protect company and client information as well. One thing every individual thinks about before tossing papers into a shredding bin is whether the staples, paper clips or binder clips have to be removed. If you’re used to shredding papers in-house, then these likely have to be removed prior to shredding. However, with paper shredding services, the shredders are strong enough to cut through all of these items.

Commercial Shredders Cut Through Hard Items

Imagine how much time you are saving by not having to remove every single staple from a set of papers, or going through a stack of files to remove paper clips or binder clips. When you know an entire stack of papers needs to be shredded, you can turn them over to paper shredding services without even thinking about it. Commercial-grade shredders can easily cut through hard items like binder clips with no issue. In addition to these items, things like CDs, disks, and USB drives can also be securely destroyed.

Large Amounts of Paper Can Be Shredded at Once

Inglewood businesses go through a lot of paper on a daily basis. One of the many benefits of paper shredding services is not having to sort through large amounts of paper to determine whether an item can or can’t be shredded. You would have to hire a full-time employee just to perform those actions, which isn’t economically valuable for most companies. Most paper shredding services can shred several hundred sheets of paper at one time so you can enjoy the benefit of saving time and money by using them.

Don’t Waste Your Time Removing Staples or Clips

Some Inglewood businesses believe they are saving money by investing in an office shredder rather than spending money on paper shredding services. However, consider what an employee would have to do in order to safely shred the documents and still keep your paper shredder functional. Every staple or clip would need to be removed to prevent issues with the shredder. And depending on how much paper you have to shred, you may have to pay an employee overtime or hire another employee to do the job.

The money you spend on the salary of the employee running papers through your in-house shredder could be saved and allocated to help move your business forward instead. Plus, the in-house shredder will eventually break or wear down to the point where a replacement is needed, leading to additional costs. When you look at it in this regard, paper shredding services can be considered an investment.

Confidential Data Destruction Company serves businesses in Inglewood and surrounding cities. You’ll never have to worry about removing items like staples and clips from your documents, as we have commercial-grade shredders that can cut through even the toughest materials.

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