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Drop Off Vs. Mobile Shredding: What’s Your Best Option?

mobile-shreddingProtecting sensitive client data is crucial for any business. Ensuring data destruction is performed effectively is not only ethical, but it’s also the law. There are a number of services available to Pasadena businesses needing reliable document destruction. The two most common are drop-off and mobile shredding. However, what works for one organization may be completely different for another. Let’s break down the difference between the two services and what businesses should consider before making a choice.

Mobile Shredding Service 

When businesses hire a mobile shredding service, the data destruction company arrives on-site at a scheduled time to perform the shredding at an office location. Offices can be provided with locking containers where employees dispose of sensitive materials until the day of service. Then, the shredding company arrives and uses a truck equipped with an industrial shredder. Once the shredding is complete, the business is provided with a certificate documenting the data destruction and the shredded material is taken away and recycled.

Mobile shredding works well for larger Pasadena businesses that need to destroy a higher volume of paper on a regular basis. This service is also more suited for businesses that don’t want to invest in the transportation needed to move their paper from their office to a data destruction facility. Mobile shredding provides a level of convenience other services can’t offer. Furthermore, if a business needs to witness data destruction, on-site mobile shredding makes the process very easy.

Drop-Off Service 

With drop off shredding service, a business physically takes their papers to a data destruction facility to be shredded. Typically, data destruction companies charge by the pound for drop-off shredding. When materials are dropped off, they’re either stored in locked containers until shredded or destroyed immediately. This service may initially seem like a hassle, but for many Pasadena businesses, this could be the better option.

This type of service is more logical for organizations with a smaller amount of papers needing to be shredded. In fact, many companies have limits on how much can be dropped off, unlike mobile shredding that can accommodate large amounts of material. Also, drop-off shredding is much more affordable. It also makes sense for Pasadena businesses with an in-house courier who makes deliveries and runs errands on a daily basis. If a business only has a small amount of paper to shred and still needs to witness the destruction, the person dropping off the material can stay and view the process.

Making the Right Business Decision

Choosing between drop-off or mobile shredding comes down to the budget for the business and how much shredding they need. Regardless of the type of service, working with a reputable data destruction company will ensure all documents are kept secure and destroyed properly. In the end, this is the most important aspect of paper shredding.

Confidential Data Destruction provides both drop-off and mobile shredding service for businesses in the Pasadena area.

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