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Help Improve Your Security with Paper Shredding Services

Inglewood Paper Shredding services Identity theft is more prevalent today than ever before. Companies must ensure sensitive client information along with internal data is protected. In a fast-paced business environment, trying to do this without professional help is extremely complicated, and risky. That’s why many Inglewood businesses turn to expert paper shredding services provided by a data destruction company. Not only does this help businesses protect themselves against criminals with malicious intentions, but it also ensures they’re complying with privacy laws. Let’s uncover the different ways paper shredding services keep businesses more secure.

Fight Identity Theft

Thieves know there’s a good chance sensitive data may end up in the dumpster outside an office building or in a warehouse. Businesses must take every precaution to ensure their clients don’t become victims of identity theft. Doing so protects the business as well. If an organization violates HIPPA laws, stiff fines may be enforced, and the business’s reputation could be damaged. Professional paper shredding services offer many benefits for Inglewood companies. These services utilize industry-standard equipment to ensure documents are shredded in a way that makes it impossible to piece back together. Turning the job over to the professionals is the very best way to avoid identity theft.

Secure Documents Until They’re Shredded 

Sometimes the malicious use of private data doesn’t happen outside a business’s doors. It can also occur internally. It’s a shame, but sometimes employees of a company purposefully steal sensitive documents with the intention of taking advantage of clients or the company itself. However, using paper shredding services in Inglewood can cut down on the chances of this. When a business invests in services like mobile shredding, the data destruction company can provide locking containers to be placed throughout the office. This ensures all sensitive documents are safe until the scheduled time of destruction.

Get Peace of Mind

For Inglewood businesses, knowing that they’ve done their due diligence is important when protecting sensitive data. Paper shredding services must remain compliant with privacy regulations. This level of security is what businesses pay for when they work with data destruction companies. Regardless of whether off-site or mobile shredding has been performed, a business will receive a certification proving the paper shredding services have been performed correctly. This gives both businesses and their client’s peace of mind knowing their information is secure and out of the hands of thieves.

Extra Security with Witnessed Shredding 

Some businesses need to take security measures one step further. This means personally witnessing the shredding of documents. Expert paper shredding services make this process very easy. With mobile shredding, the data destruction is done on-site where a representative of the business can watch. Or, the shredding can be viewed at the data destruction facility. Some companies even offer video evidence of the shredding.

Get Maximum Security with Paper Shredding Services 

For businesses with a serious need to protect client and company data, working with a professional service is the best option. It not only keeps sensitive information out of the hands of criminals, but it also protects businesses from incurring fines.

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