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I Have an Office Paper Shredder; Why Do I Need Paper Shredding Services?

Inglewood paper shredding servicesCompanies in Inglewood have a decision to make when it comes to securely shredding documents. They can either invest in a high-end office paper shredder or invest in paper shredding services to do the job for them. If you’ve chosen to buy an office shredder, you may be limited in what you can shred or be forced to pay an additional salary to handle the bulk of the shredding, among some other potential disadvantages. When you truly look at the pros and cons of an office shredder compared to paper shredding services, the results are obvious for most companies. Here’s why professional services in Inglewood clearly outperform office paper shredders.

Disadvantages of Office Paper Shredders

You may have saved a few dollars upfront by purchasing an office paper shredder, but the long-term disadvantages generally will catch up to a company. Not only are you limited to the amount of papers you can shred at one time, but you also have to allocate time and resources to shred documents. Plus, you have to constantly maintain the shredder to ensure it’s functioning properly and will last as long as possible. Above all else, the time and resources needed to operate an office paper shredder can add up to actually spending more money than if you invested in paper shredding services in the first place.

Reduce Liability with Paper Shredding Services

Every Inglewood company has a legal obligation to dispose of documents and files securely to protect privacy and confidentiality of customers and business information. In addition to the legal consequences of not having secure shredding practices, your company could develop an irreparable reputation in the eyes of your customers if you won’t do what it takes to protect their information.

With paper shredding services, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues, as the reputable services are all certified to handle shredding your documents in accordance with compliance standards. And many paper shredding services will provide companies with a certificate of destruction once the documents are destroyed, to show proof of compliance and prevent any concerns, should they arise in the future.

Increase Productivity and Save Money for Your Business

Another great reason why paper shredding services stand out from office paper shredders is they don’t waste time and money. Most employees don’t have time to spend several minutes each day at the paper shredder. This can lead to stacks of paper waiting to be shredded, which can eventually become overwhelming, messy and concerning from a confidentiality perspective.

When shredding your files isn’t a daily task, your employees can focus on other aspects of the business that actually makes money. This boost in productivity will help your bottom line and will become very clear that paper shredding services are a good investment.

Confidential Data Destruction Company offers secure paper shredding services to companies in Inglewood and the surrounding cities. We understand some companies have concerns about using our services versus just investing in an office shredder, and we work every day to prove our value.

If you are uncertain about how our shredding service can benefit you, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact our office in the Inglewood area at 310-566-9799 today to get on the right track for safe and secure shredding.