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Identifying Documents that Are Crucial to Shred

Torrance Paper Shredding Services Most businesses in Torrance must gather sensitive information from their clients. Even with much of this data being stored digitally, paper documents are still relatively common. When no longer needed, this information must be properly destroyed to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses.

To provide adequate protection from identity theft, organizations need to utilize paper shredding services provided by professional data destruction companies. However, businesses first need to have a good understanding of the types of documents that need to be destroyed. Let’s go over what should always be shredded.

Client Information

Clients often have to provide personal information to businesses they work with or buy products from. This information must be protected while in use and destroyed using paper shredding services when no longer needed. Businesses should destroy anything that includes their clients’ names, phone numbers, social security numbers or any other type of identification data. Businesses also owe it to their clients to destroy anything that includes financial information or data regarding contracts with the business. If this material isn’t properly disposed of, an organization could face legal repercussions.

Sensitive Company Documents

A business’s clients aren’t the only people at risk of identity theft. The business and its employees are as well. Paper shredding services will ensure all material is properly destroyed, but it’s up to the business to determine which internal documents need to go to the shredder. This should include old employee pay stubs, time cards, applications and insurance documents. It’s especially important that information on former employees go to the shredder. Torrance companies should also make sure to destroy business plans, vendor agreements, bank statements and internal product information.

Tax Records

Tax documents contain an enormous amount of sensitive information about individuals and businesses. If no longer needed, any type of tax form should be destroyed by professional paper shredding services. Tax return agents and accountants in Torrance need to take special measures to secure their client’s data until proper destruction. If this information gets into the wrongs hands, an experienced identity thief could easily benefit from it. Other businesses need to ensure employee tax forms are given to paper shredding services as well. This includes copies of W-2 forms or any other type of form needed to deduct taxes from paychecks.

Medical Records

Businesses that require medical documents must use paper shredding services for data destruction. HIPAA retention laws require medical documents to be held for six years. After that, they must be destroyed. This is obviously a huge concern for Torrance hospitals and medical offices. However, other businesses such as insurance agencies need to make sure to use expert paper shredding services when disposing of medical information as well.

Use Paper Shredding Services for All Sensitive Information

Working with a company that provides professional paper shredding services is the best way to ensure the privacy of clients. It’s also the best way to protect important company information. Use the guide above when determining which documents should be professionally destroyed.

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