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Prevent Dumpster Diving with Mobile Document Shredding Services

confidential dataPrevent Dumpster Diving with Mobile Document Shredding Services

Criminals will go to great lengths to get ahold of sensitive data that can be used to steal a person’s identity and money. This includes going through a company’s dumpsters. Although many Pasadena businesses may think this could never happen to them, it’s a threat everyone must consider. Businesses have a legal obligation to keep all client data private. Once sensitive documents are no longer needed, organizations must take measures to ensure they’re properly disposed of. One of the best ways to do this is with mobile document shredding. Let’s break down how to secure private data with this convenient service.

What to Keep Out of the Dumpster 

An organization may start working with a company that provides mobile document shredding, but it’s still up to them to understand what needs to go to the shredder. Pasadena businesses must collect all types of information from their clients. Everything from contracts to financial information to personal identification data may be needed to conduct business. In addition, internal documents including employee records, pay stubs, and business plans all contain information criminals could use to perpetrate identity theft.

Dumpster divers know what they’re looking for before they enter a company’s dumpster. To stay one step ahead of them, businesses should establish guidelines so their employees know what to provide to the mobile document shredding service. Anything that includes social security numbers, account numbers, personal data, tax information, passwords, or legal agreements should be shredded. Even sticky notes with this type of information should be included.

How Mobile Document Shredding Can Help 

When Pasadena companies opt for mobile document shredding, they’re getting the maximum level of security. With this service, shredding trucks come to a business location and perform the data destruction on-site. This means sensitive documents go straight from an office building to the shredder without any chance of getting lost or thrown away by accident. Businesses are provided with locking containers where all private data can be stored until the scheduled service. Transportation of this material to a data destruction facility isn’t part of the equation. This is why mobile document shredding is so much safer. Plus, once the job is complete, businesses are given a certificate proving that everything was destroyed properly.

Ensure Protection with Witnessed Destruction 

If Pasadena businesses want to take additional measures to ensure their private data doesn’t end up in the dumpster, they can opt to view the destruction process. Mobile document shredding makes this extremely easy. Because the service is performed on-site, a company representative doesn’t have to travel far to witness the documents being shredded. Even if this still presents a problem for a business, data destruction companies can offer video evidence of the shredding process. This provides added peace of mind that everything was accounted for and that nothing ends up in the trash.

Keep Business Documents Out of the Dumpster 

Don’t make it easy for criminals to get their hands on sensitive data. Take advantage of mobile document shredding and keep client and inner-office information out of the dumpster.

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