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Stop Fraud from Occurring by Shredding Important Documents

data destruction Fraud crimes such as identity theft are now more common than they’ve ever been. Businesses are vulnerable if they collect large amounts of private information that criminals could use for financial gain. While most accounts of fraud today seem to involve cyber-attacks, criminals still use physical documents to gain access to accounts or otherwise steal someone’s identity. This is why organizations must take careful measures to secure and destroy documents that could make them or their clients vulnerable to attack. The most effective way to do this is with paper shredding services. Let’s go over some fraud prevention tips every business should know.

Secure Documents Until Destroyed 

Many documents have retention periods, which means businesses are legally obligated to hold on to them for a certain period of time. It’s important to store this material in a secure spot until the retention time is up. Unfortunately, it’s easy for businesses to lose track of retention dates and let unneeded documents pile up instead of taking advantage of paper shredding services. To solve this problem, it’s important for all organizations to keep a strict inventory so they know when it’s time for information to be destroyed.

If documents don’t have a retention period, taking advantage of professional paper shredding services in Torrance is the best way to secure everyone’s privacy. A data destruction company can provide their clients with locking containers to store their sensitive material in until the scheduled date of destruction. This added security measure is essential for cutting down on fraud.

Find the Right Paper Shredding Services

Every Torrance business has different requirements when it comes to the paper shredding services they need. The type of service will depend on the volume of material a business needs to destroy and the level of security their clients require. With mobile services, the company holds on to all documents and a data destruction company comes to them. This is the better option when a business has a large amount of sensitive data or needs to personally witness the destruction. For businesses that only require occasional shredding or don’t have a large amount, off-site paper shredding services will work. Regardless of the type of service, it’s important to work with a reputable data destruction company.

Work With a NAID Certified Company

The National Association of Information Destruction sets certain guidelines for companies in the data destruction industry. These guidelines are in place to reduce the risk of potential fraud. It’s important that Torrance businesses work with a company that’s NAID AAA certified to handle paper shredding services. This ensures that all documents will be handled with a high level of care and security. It also ensures that all materials will be shredded in a way that prevents criminals from being able to decipher them or piece them back together.

Ensure Fraud Protection with Data Destruction

Unfortunately, fraud comes in many forms. It’s up to businesses to secure all private data, both digitally and physically. When disposing of documents, it’s imperative that professional paper shredding services are used. Businesses owe it to their clients and themselves.

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