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We work with you to identify which of our services will fit both your needs and your budget. In addition, we provide special offers to customers who sign long-term contracts.

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What to Shred

CDDC protects your company and customers by keeping you in compliance with federal privacy laws. We destroy paper documents and bindings, electronic storage devices, and other mixed media.

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Electronic Waste

You don’t simply toss old electronics in the trash, you have to dispose of them properly as eWaste. Electronic waste can include hard drives, zip drives, CD’s and DVD’s even old reel-to-reel and VHS tapes.

Scheduled Onsite E-waste Destruction $1 a pound.(Minimums apply based on service)


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What Our Customers Say…

For years, we have provided reliable, professional services to a host of clients, from national Fortune 500 companies to small businesses in Southern California.

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Your Time Matters to Us

We respond quickly to your urgent data destruction needs. Our experienced staff and fleet of trucks will handle your request on-time and in time no matter the size or complexity.

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We Serve Southern California

As a local provider of data destruction, we have spent years investing in relationships with Southern California businesses. Serving: Ventura, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica and surrounding areas

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daily, weekly, monthly, or on-call destruction services


annual, semi-annual or periodic purges of old records


bring records to our facility for  shredding


witness the immediate destruction of the material

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Count On Us

Companies count on CDDC to...

  • Destroy unneeded, sensitive materials safely and securely.
  • Create office space by removing and recycling old documents.
  • Save on the cost of storage and warehouse rental.
  • Comply with state and federal privacy laws (What rules apply to my business?)


Businesses in Southern California choose us because we offer the best data destruction services at competitive prices. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in addition to being HIPAA and GLB compliant.

Rely on CDDC's professional staff to advise you on a solution for your business, to handle your sensitive data with care, and to perform its duties on schedule, time after time.
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Our Services

Shredding services can save you up to 17% of the cost of doing it yourself!  In these tough economic times, everyone is looking for the best way to stretch every dollar and eliminate any expenditure that doesn’t provide the very best value.  That’s why having CDDC look after your paper shredding needs is the right choice.  CDDC saves you money!

And it doesn’t just save you money – it also saves you time.  It takes an employee 5 hours to shred 50 pounds of paper.  Our state-of-the-art equipment can do the same task in minutes – without disrupting your business at all.  Outsourcing means there’s no equipment to buy and it frees up your staff to work on more profitable tasks.

Of course, your organization may have gotten so green that you don't use paper much anymore. This doesn't eliminate your impact on the environment entirely. As we all know, over time, our electronic devices need to be upgraded and replaced. We don't simply toss our old electronics in the trash, we have to dispose of them properly as eWaste. Electronic waste can include hard drives, zip drives, CD’s and DVD’s even old reel-to-reel and VHS tapes. Confidential Data Destruction provides eWaste destruction services throughout the Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Countiy including Antelope and San Fernando Valleys and the Inland Empire. Most scheduled eWaste destruction is only $1 per pound. Contact us to evaluate your needs and cost estimate.

Confidential Data Destruction Company offers a number of services for businesses, including regular and one-time pickup, drop-off, and witnessed destruction. We handle a variety of media, from paper to electronics to plastics. With every service, we provide a high-level of security to safeguard your information.
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