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Inglewood and Torrance Document Destruction and Paper Shredding Services for Large Businesses

The size of your business can directly influence the amount of paper and electronic waste it produces. It’s a simple formula: the more employees who are part of an enterprise, the more resources it is likely to use.

The right Inglewood and Torrance document destruction and paper shredding services can handle this higher volume more efficiently, safely, and securely than doing it in-house. Learn more about solutions for large companies below.

Professional Shredding and Scheduled On-Site Services

At Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC), we typically recommend scheduled container service as the best fit for a large organization. Bigger companies may have…

  • A significant bulk of materials. The sheer number of papers, file folders, and other waste that a business creates makes shredding in-house a time-consuming process.
  • Ongoing needs. Scheduled document destruction and paper shredding services help larger businesses stay ahead of the rising volume of paper waste.
  • Established sustainability as part of their values. Shredding with a provider that recycles paper waste into new products demonstrates this commitment.
  • Security measures to protect their facility. Scheduled container services allow greater predictability in the coming and going of shredding technicians.
  • Limited resources for removing staples, paper clips, and binders, which can also build up over time. Retail shredding equipment can’t typically handle these materials and may present a hazard to staff who misuse it.

Inglewood and Torrance Document Destruction and Paper Shredding Services Can Also Cover Electronic Waste

Large businesses—especially those with years of records backed up digitally—often have information to convert to a different format. Moving data from disk to a computing cloud or server is a common requirement as businesses grow.

At CDDC, “document destruction and paper shredding services” include “data destruction” as well. Our industrial-grade equipment can handle electronics such as computers, TVs, and monitors. It can also shred media like zip drives, CDs, and DVDs. Similar to our approach with paper, CDDC offers a “green” way to get rid of these materials; we take out batteries and other hazards and separate reusable parts for our recycling partners.

On-Site and Confidential

Large businesses have many requirements for safeguarding the data of their customers and employees. They may also have internal strategies or marketing materials that they prefer not be made public. Recycling and trash collection services may not provide the level of protection they need.

The Inglewood and Torrance mobile document destruction services a large business chooses should have certified methods for the disposal of data in all forms. A company should be able to track the handling of materials from collection to destruction, and its shredding provider should be able to offer witnessed destruction, an itemized invoice, and a notarized Certificate of Destruction. This level of service allows larger businesses to document the process and have confidence that their information is protected.
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