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For Companies in Pasadena, Mobile Document Destruction Provides a Host of Benefits

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) offers Pasadena mobile paper shredding services that are reliable and competitively-priced. In addition, we provide businesses in Pasadena mobile document destruction for non-paper materials, such as electronic storage media and computer hardware.

CDDC offers the greatest value to businesses that have a large stockpile of resources that they no longer needed but that contain sensitive information. These companies recognize that destroying information in bulk is no simple matter. Here are a few reasons why:

Mixed Media and Mobile Document Shredding: Pasadena companies have to keep their paper documents organized. This means years’ worth of paperwork kept together with paperclips, staples, file folders, and bindings, all of which must all be separated out from the pages before they can be processed. A company that decides to handle this work on its own may find itself bogged down for days or weeks at a time. Alternatively, it can hire CDDC, which operates heavy machinery designed for this type of mobile paper shredding. Also, Pasadena companies can take comfort in knowing that much of our raw paper material is recycled by manufacturers into new products.

Volume: The large amount of material that companies in Pasadena need mobile shredding services for makes CDDC a huge time-saver. Our staff will pick up and haul away these materials, allowing your employees to focus on the work at hand. However, removing your materials is only part of the value we provide. CDDC’s mobile document destruction equipment in Pasadena is powerful enough to handle much larger loads than almost any company can manage on its own. Instead of hand-feeding page after page to a retail-level shredder, businesses can instead call on our mobile shredding services.

Pasadena Companies Using Electronic Storage: Often, businesses will keep sensitive information on electronic media and hardware. This includes computers, mobile devices, zip drives, and CDs. However, it is important for companies to understand that deleting storage media, such as the hard disk of a computer, does not ensure that the data will be completely removed. Because of the way in which these devices work, traces of the original data will remain.

Electronic media can be rendered safe through our mobile document destruction services. Pasadena businesses can rely on CDDC to ensure that confidential files will not be breached. We use specialized processes and equipment to remove environmental hazards, separate out components, and ensure that sensitive data is destroyed.

To most companies, the alternative—destroying media on their own—is not a suitable option. This would mean having untrained employees exposed to glass shards, electrical components, and shattered plastic. By turning to CDDC, businesses can offload this potentially hazardous work to an industry expert.

CDDC works every day with businesses to create plans for securing and safely destroying out-of-date files and equipment. We welcome your call to discuss what we can do for you.

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