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Pasadena Mobile Document Destruction

Overwhelmed by Old Files? For Companies in Pasadena, Mobile Document Destruction May Be the Answer.

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC), a leading provider of Pasadena mobile document destruction services, understands what matters to businesses.

We know that companies need a way to safely remove years’ worth of outdated records. Sometimes, they are purging these documents to free up precious office space. In other cases, they want to cut costs associated with storing the files. Or, they may be legally required to destroy confidential information after a certain period of time.

To CDDC—an experienced operator in Pasadena—mobile document destruction is not just about securely eliminating waste. We also want our clients to understand regulations surrounding data protection and proper handling of that information. We counsel them on:

  • Competitive dangers of leaving data unguarded.
  • Privacy laws that may apply to their work documents
  • Which of our services will best fit their needs.

For businesses that require ongoing mobile document destruction in Pasadena, we provide scheduled container service. Through this offering, we create a schedule—daily, weekly, monthly, or on-call—by which CDDC will pick up a company’s materials. At the client’s request, we provide special locking bins for use within its offices. The client’s workers fill these units with sensitive material as needed, and on the scheduled date, CDDC’s technicians remove the bins and eliminate their contents on-site, using a truck designed for mobile document destruction.

Pasadena businesses choose scheduled container service for many reasons.

  • Having scheduled pickup helps create a culture within a company of document security. Employees may become more cognizant of how they store data and where they dispose of it.
  • Scheduled pickup means that your business does not have to look for a provider each time services are required. Your office manager will know that your needs are covered.
  • Scheduled container service provides great security. Documents go directly from your employee’s hands to a locking container that is only opened when our staff is ready to destroy its contents. We conduct our business with extreme care and confidentiality to protect our clients throughout the process.

If you are doing business in certain industries in Pasadena, mobile document shredding can help you meet legal requirements. Typically, this applies to companies that fall under federal privacy regulations.

A business such as this must also maintain records to demonstrate that it has destroyed records in a secure and legal way. After a scheduled service pickup, CDDC will provide an itemized invoice and a notarized Certificate of Destruction. This important legal document can act as proof that due diligence has been used in handling the company’s records.

By providing reliable, timely service that keeps documents secure to the point of destruction, CDDC lets businesses make room, save time, and stay legal. We look forward to helping you with your needs.

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