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Pasadena Mobile Document Shredding

Services for Companies in Pasadena: Mobile Document Shredding

For businesses in Pasadena, mobile document shredding services can create new work space, reduce the cost of storing old files, and help companies stay in compliance with federal regulations.

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) is a reliable, experienced provider of mobile document shredding in Pasadena. In our first discussion with clients, we help them identify which of our services will best fit their needs. Two of the offerings we provide are Purge/Filebox Cleanout and Witnessed Destruction. Learn more about each below, and then get in touch to see how CDDC can help you.

Purge/File Box Cleanout

This flexible, timely offering from CDDC helps companies reclaim their offices. Every business keeps historic records, whether they are financial transactions, customer data, or corporate planning documents. As these records accumulate over time, they can take up more and more space. Throwing them in the garbage may put the company’s confidential data in jeopardy or violate federal privacy regulations (not to mention that it ruins material suitable for recycling.)

By hiring CDDC for mobile document shredding, Pasadena companies can avoid these issues. Here is how it works:

  • On an annual or semi-annual basis, CDDC schedules a purge session with the client.
  • Some businesses keep records in portable file boxes. Others retain them in stationary file cabinets. For companies in the latter category, CDDC will deliver containers to the office, which can be used for disposal.
  • When the client’s records are ready for removal, our service drivers safely haul them from the client’s office and load them into our shredding truck. Records are secured from the moment we take possession of them, and they are destroyed immediately on-site to ensure that data remains confidential.


Witnessed Destruction

In some cases, companies must be present when their sensitive materials are destroyed in order to comply with their own privacy policies. In other cases, businesses or legal representatives are under court order to witness the elimination of records and files. For companies that must supervise our work in Pasadena, mobile paper shredding staff at CDDC can arrange for them to be present as we process their materials.

Clients have two options in Pasadena:
Our mobile document shredding team can pick up confidential documents from a company and transport them to our facility. Client representatives can accompany them to our site.
Alternatively, clients can schedule a date and time with us and then deliver the materials to our facility.

In either case, we will make arrangements for the client’s representative to oversee the destruction of the files. We will also provide the necessary certification documents to itemize the work that we have done.

File purging and witnessed document destruction are only two of the services we provide. We encourage you to contact us today to find out about all of the options available to you and your business.

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