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Pasadena Mobile Paper Shredding

Document Destruction in Pasadena: Mobile Paper Shredding vs. Drop-off Services

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) offers a variety of document shredding solutions. We emphasize reliable service and competitive pricing to all of our clients in Pasadena.

Mobile paper shredding and drop-off services are both available to local businesses. Below, we describe the advantages of each for companies in Pasadena.

Mobile Paper Shredding

With this service, CDDC arrives at your office location for scheduled pickup and removal of waste material. This may include paper documents, electronic media (such as computers and cell phones), and storage devices (like zip drives and DVDs.) Our service drivers can arrange for the material to be destroyed on-site with one of our shredder trucks; this ensures that confidential documents are always in possession of either your company or our destruction specialists up to the moment these records are eliminated.

This service provides significant advantages to businesses in Pasadena:

  • Mobile paper shredding allows your company to hand off the responsibility of data destruction to an experienced professional. We know the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective ways to eliminate out-of-date or confidential materials.
  • Having us come to your office means that you do not have to find a way to transport bulk loads of material offsite.
  • Shredding material at your location or having us transport the material to our facility allows the chain of possession to remain unbroken. This is especially important for sensitive records or for documents that clients are court-ordered to witness being destroyed.

Drop-off Services

Unlike our Pasadena mobile shredding service, drop-off services do not require scheduling with our office for pick-up and removal. This gives you company the convenience of taking documents for processing at a moment’s notice.

With drop-off services, your company transports its out-of-date or confidential material to our office or to selected sites throughout the Pasadena area. We contract with a number of retail vendors and public storage facilities to provide customers with convenient locations near their offices. As a result, customers travel shorter distances and can make more frequent drop-offs.

Mobile paper shredding in Pasadena tends to be a less cost-effective service than drop-off document destruction. That is because our destruction specialists, drivers, and shredding truck are not required to come to your location. We cut down on time and vehicle costs, and we pass along the savings to you.

Drop-off services are best for…

  • Small businesses that want to safely destroy old records at a reduced cost.
  • Larger companies that have a small load of records but that want or are required to witness their destruction.
  • Any business located near one of our drop-off points that can safely and easily transport materials to it.

Now that you know the differences between these two service options, we invite you to contact Confidential Data Destruction Company directly. With our years of experience in the industry, we can guide you in choosing the option that makes the most sense for your needs.

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