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Pasadena Mobile Shredding Services

For Businesses in Pasadena, Mobile Shredding Services Help Protect Company Data

There is no substitute for reliability. It does not matter how well-priced a service is, how much a company says it will do for your business, or how many extras it promises to throw in once you have committed to working together. What matters is that your provider does what it says it will do.

This way of thinking has made Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) the provider of choice for businesses in Pasadena. Mobile shredding services by CDDC allow companies to regain office spaces that have been overrun by out-of-date, unnecessary files, computer systems that need to be disposed, and corporate records that require careful, secure destruction.

Because CDDC is local to Pasadena, we know our mobile shredding services are essential to many of our area industries. Find out below about some of the clients we serve.

Medical clinics: Primary health care offices serve as the front-line defense in treating Pasadena residents. Mobile shredding services help medical clinics safely and securely destroy documents that contain confidential information, such as out-of-date patient records, financial details, and other sensitive materials. Clinics can rely on CDDC to eliminate unnecessary health files, charts, and mixed media paper documents. Our company can also handle prescription drug pill bottles; using specialized shredding equipment, we can ensure that refill and account information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Insurance companies: Your business is there to help individuals prevent catastrophic losses. Ours works the same way. We act as a guard against the fraud and identity theft that might otherwise occur if sensitive client documents are not disposed of in a secure and responsible manner. Because of CDDC’s experience, we can consult with you to confirm which federal privacy laws might regulate the destruction of client materials. We can also help you choose a disposal service that makes sense for your company, whether you are an individual agent or a large insurance business.

Law Firms: Lawyers face several challenges in managing legal files. A court order may require that they witness the destruction of documents and swear to their disposal. Also, the volume of older documentation they keep on hand may overwhelm their offices and drive up storage costs. This might include client lists, plans for legal action, sensitive testimonial, and copies of evidence for cases settled in Pasadena. Mobile shredding services from CDDC can respond to these challenges. We provide both secure on-site destruction and witnessed destruction services, and we will work with your firm to determine when, where, and how disposal should take place.

CDDC assists companies in these Pasadena industries and more (if you are located in Santa Monica, mobile document destruction services are provided in your area also.) If you need document destruction that ensures the sanctity of your data, get in touch; we look forward to assisting your company with its needs.

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