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Safe Shred Events

For businesses, groups of businesses, or cities who have a large quantity of documents to shred and want to use this as a promotional opportunity, a Safe Shred event can raise awareness about your organization. Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) will set up on-site shredding and e-waste collection for your organization, targeted audience, or large group.

At a Safe Shred event, CDDC will take care of the setup, collection, and shredding while your organization reaps benefits such as:

  • Increased awareness about your services and standpoint on green policies.
  • Additional space created by shredding unnecessary or outdated documents.
  • Promoting your organization by inviting local businesses and residents to drop off their material during the event.
  • Collaborating with neighboring businesses to save money by purging documents as a group.

Like any promotional event, you can dedicate an entire day to shredding or have a semi-regular event to associate your business with green practices.

What Makes CDDC Different

CDDC recycles all shredded documents, complying not only with federal and state regulations related to the effective disposal of sensitive information but stringent National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) standards. The NAID requirements are used by organizations that deal with highly sensitive personal information such as NASA, sheriffs departments, JBL, and other Fortune 500 companies. With the fate of thousands of employees, customers, and company ideas at stake, CDDC ensures that every possible protection for client safety is followed.

Shredding When and Where You Need

Although CDDC is located in Southern California, we have a number of mobile shredding services and pick up options that can meet your company’s needs. We provide clients paper shredding services wherever and whenever they need.

To learn how Safe Shred Events can promote your organization or group, call CDDC for a free cost estimate at 888-826-2332.