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Santa Monica Mobile Document Destruction

Doing Business in Santa Monica? Mobile Document Destruction Can Help Cut Expenses

In these challenging economic times, businesses are on the look-out for savings wherever they can find them. Reducing unnecessary expenses allows them to invest in other areas, like increasing sales, creating new services, or setting financial roots for the future.

For businesses in Santa Monica, mobile document destruction may be one answer for reducing costs. Below, Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) explains how businesses can save with our services.

Save on labor: The sheer volume of unnecessary files that a company may store makes document destruction services worthwhile. Bulk loads of paper may include:

  • Bindings, staples, and clips.
  • Papers of varying thickness and dimensions.
  • Mixed media, including plastic or metal.

Destroying these documents individually (or even in batches) goes beyond the patience and abilities of most businesses. Instead of tying up employees with repetitive, time-consuming work, companies can turn to our Santa Monica mobile document destruction professionals.

Make efficient use of space: Many businesses store out-of-date, unnecessary files within their offices. This might mean an entire room devoted to papers that should have been thrown out. These documents are not just gathering dust; they are taking up space. As a result, companies have less room for all of their other needs.

To a company in Santa Monica, mobile document shredding can provide room for…

  • Storing inventory and office supplies.
  • Housing additional employees or giving current employees more workspace.
  • Creating a conference area, break room, or new meeting space.

Reduce physical storage costs: The opportunity cost of wasted office space is nothing compared to the actual cost of housing files offsite. Because companies rely on storage units to keep these documents, they may lose track of fees that they are accumulating. Instead, they could invest in our Santa Monica mobile document destruction services. Whether companies buy a one-time purge service or contract for regularly-scheduled pickups, they will be able to remove major storage costs from their budgets.

Avoid at-work accidents: Getting rid of paper documents is challenging enough. Now, more and more work is completed electronically and stored in physical media. Companies may own and store shelves of CDs, zip drives, and old computer equipment.

These materials may carry traces of sensitive data even after they have been deleted, and so destroying them is the most efficient way to protect a company’s work. However, disassembling electronics puts employees in contact with glass, circuits, wires, and power sources. This situation presents too much health and financial risk to employees and to the businesses responsible for them.

Another option is working with our team of professionals. CDDC’s destruction specialists can retrieve these materials from the company’s offices and eliminate them in a way that keeps both employees and company data safe.

This is just a sample of financial benefits we offer. We invite you to learn more about what we can do together.

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