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Santa Monica Mobile Document Shredding

Going Green in Santa Monica: Mobile Document Shredding for Businesses

Confidential Data Destruction Company understands the value of going green. As a Santa Monica mobile document shredding business, we handle out-of-date or sensitive material that companies need destroyed. Below, we explain the role of recycling in our work and how we can help you be environmentally-friendly.

Why Go Green?

There are many benefits to limiting your company’s environmental impact.
Reducing waste is a great way of cutting hidden business costs. As you identify the unwanted materials that your company has, you may find that you are paying unnecessary storage fees or wasting employee time by having them destroy these old files. As a Santa Monica mobile document shredding provider, we can eliminate these issues.

Going green can be a morale booster. Many employees want to know that their out-of-date documents will be destroyed in an environmentally-responsible way. Also, going green can instill workers with the values of caring for resources and avoiding wastefulness.
The public relations benefits are significant. When your company positively impacts the environment, it is a credit to your business’ reputation. This is especially important for companies that generate a significant amount of recyclables which might otherwise go to waste.

How CDDC Can Help

Companies store data in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they keep paper records stashed in file cabinets. In other cases, the bulk of out-of-date material exists in external electronic media, such as zip drives and compact discs. Often overlooked are hard drives in desktop computers and mobile phones, long-overdue for destruction by companies in Santa Monica.

Mobile document shredding presents an opportunity for eliminating each of these materials in an environmentally-friendly way.

Paper: Professional paper shredding achieves two benefits for your company. First, it breaks your documents down into a format that is suitable for recycling in Santa Monica. Mobile paper shredding specialists from CDDC take these final-stage materials to manufacturers to convert into new paper products.

The second benefit? We eliminate your documents in a way that ensures data security. Once CDDC takes ownership of your material, our staff will be the only ones in contact with it through the transportation, shredding, and processing phases. In other words, we help businesses go green and stay protected at the same time.

Electronic Media: Rather than sitting in a land fill, your electronic components can find life as new products without endangering your company’s most vital information. CDDC uses specialized processes and equipment to break down these materials into their basic, usable pieces. Electronic media are disassembled and sorted into plastics, glass, metal, and potentially hazardous power sources, such as cell phone batteries. Then, we group these components; some may be recycled as-is, while others may be stripped down further. As a result of our work, traces of your data are eliminated in an environmentally-responsible fashion.

Help your business take its first steps towards going green. Contact us about CDDC’s mobile document shredding services in Santa Monica at (888) 826-2332.