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Santa Monica Mobile Paper Shredding

For Companies in Santa Monica, Mobile Paper Shredding Can Keep Data Secure

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) knows how important it is to protect your corporate data. As a Santa Monica mobile paper shredding business, we keep documents secure from the moment we receive them to the final stage of document destruction. We ensure our clients of this confidentiality whether we pick up materials through our scheduled container service, via our on-site purge service, or at one of our drop-off locations.

Data Security and the Law

Whether or not they are aware, many businesses are required to follow specific guidelines about the maintenance and destruction of confidential information. This may include documents with details about employees and customers, such as:

  • Social security numbers.
  • Health care information or medical issues.
  • Internal employee records.

In addition to the documents themselves, companies may be required to outline internal policies about how this data is stored (part of what is known as “Red Flag Rules,” a federal law that was implemented recently.) Companies that do not comply may face fines and other enforcement under these privacy laws.

Businesses that fall under these regulations may include

  • Pharmacies, which handle prescription information.
  • Insurance companies, which control individual financial data.
  • Lenders, which perform credit checks in Santa Monica.

Mobile paper shredding can help businesses in each of these industries. For example, take a typical pharmacy. CDDC has developed proven procedures for collecting, securing, and destroying prescriptions and old prescription containers. We use specialized equipment that can safely and quickly shred plastics and render prescription information illegible. CDDC can apply its experience in mobile shredding to many other industries and media.

Protecting Employees in Santa Monica

Mobile paper shredding is not just about following the law. It is about keeping employees safe and guarding companies from liability.

Across the nation, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes that law enforcement faces. When a worker’s name and social security number are stolen, thieves can use that data to try and conduct financial activities on their behalf, such as applying for credit cards, accessing their banking information, and getting into other sensitive areas of data.

This theft can wreak havoc on an employee’s life and disrupt his productivity. Companies responsible for this loss may cause their workers irreparable harm, and the damage may lead to legal action. At the very least, it can create a huge rift between the company and its employees.

For businesses in Santa Monica, mobile shredding services from CDDC may be the answer. We can prevent identity theft by destroying your out-of-date materials, whether they are in paper or electronic format. We can also provide your office with containers that store confidential documents until CDDC arrives for pickup, and we can shred materials at your location. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to destroy your unneeded materials in a safe and secure fashion.

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