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Santa Monica Mobile Shredding Services

Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) offers Santa Monica mobile shredding services that are reliable, professional, and affordable. We help companies…

  • Remove clutter and free up office space.
  • Destroy sensitive materials in a safe and secure manner.
  • Comply with federal privacy laws.
  • Save on the cost of storage rental in Santa Monica.

Mobile shredding services can help companies in a variety of industries…

Production: Our area is home to many businesses that create content for television and film. These companies retain a lot of sensitive information, whether it is budget records, financial data on employees, or corporate and strategic plans. When these materials are thrown into the trash, they become unsecured sources of data for whoever comes across them. Document destruction services are a great option for a production company in Santa Monica. Mobile paper shredding staff from CDDC can remove and destroy unneeded material to help ensure that important information stays confidential.

Design: Whether the company is focused on website development or architectural design in Santa Monica, mobile shredding services can protect its work. Many design firms guard their client lists, rates, and pitch work. Even out-of-date projects can reveal a lot about a company’s strategy and pricing structure, and competitors might use that data against them in future business dealings. Destroying these documents guards against this possibility.

Investment: For wealth management firms, there is little more valuable than the faith that clients put into their advisors. Casual introductions to prospects lead to life-long relationships, which enrich both of their lives. The privacy of client information, holdings, and future investment strategies is extraordinarily important from both a regulatory standpoint and in protecting an investment firm’s reputation. Trust in Confidential Data Destruction Company. We will advise you of the optimal service for your needs, whether it is on-site destruction, scheduled pick-up service, or dropping off material at one of our nearby locations.

Software: Information is key to the work of technology and interactive gaming companies. Technical specifications, code, and proprietary processes are all at risk when data is not disposed of securely. For many software companies, the greatest threat comes from data on electronic media that is not properly destroyed. Old computers, mobile devices, and zip drives may contain traces of code even after they have been deleted. Rely on CDDC. We are experts in safely disposing of these types of media. Our machinery can handle glass, metal, and wires, and our process breaks down the devices so that private data is removed and basic materials may be recycled into new products.

This is just a sample of the types of businesses that CDDC serves in Santa Monica (if you are located in Pasadena, mobile document destruction services are available in your area as well.) Get in touch to learn what we can do for your company.

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