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Confidential Data Destruction Company provides services to meet the needs of a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses.

We destroy all types of confidential material, including:

  • Paper documents, file folders, print publications, and identification cards.
  • Business electronics like mobile phones, computers, and monitors.
  • Storage media such as CDs, video tapes, and microfiche.
  • Non-hazardous medical equipment like prescription bottles and X-rays.
  • Uniforms and other materials (contact us to see how else we can help.)

Shredding Services

We offer a number of options for handling your company’s paper waste:

1. Scheduled Container Service: Daily, weekly, monthly, or on-call destruction, depending on what your business requires.

2. Periodic Purge Service: For businesses that have the periodic need to purge old, unwanted paper records.

3. Offsite Shredding Service: Our drivers will transport the material to our secured plant facility for destruction.

4. Drop-off Service: A convenient and cost-saving option that allows your company to deliver its paper waste to one of our nearby locations.

5. Witnessed Destruction Service: Tailored to clients who prefer or are legally obligated to oversee the destruction of records.

6. Safe Shred Events: A great promotional opportunity and time-saver. Companies, groups of businesses, or cities can host on-site shredding and e-waste collection events for their employees, customers, or nearby residents.

E-waste / Electronic Media Services

Companies that rely on digital media to store their data have many advantages, but all of them face a significant challenge: how to get rid of their outdated electronic equipment and storage media in a safe manner.

Eliminating this “e-waste” gives companies the opportunity to upgrade their equipment and create new office space, but it also presents hazards. Among them is the fact that traces of deleted data may still exist in the memory of these devices.

E-waste is a CDDC specialty given our years of experience with computer and software technology. We can provide your company with on-site support as well as off-site destruction. Whichever option you choose, know that our staff will keep your data secure while dismantling your equipment in an environmentally-friendly way.

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