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Thousand Oaks Mobile Document Destruction

Thousand Oaks Mobile Document Destruction by CDDC

Whether you are a business that wants to protect its sensitive documents or an individual who needs to eliminate old, out-of-date records, turn to Confidential Data Destruction Company.

CDDC offers Southern California and Thousand Oaks mobile document destruction that is reliable, affordable, and efficient. Our experience, professionalism, and varied service options make us an industry leader and a trusted local provider.

Why Document Destruction?

Our services help homeowners and companies alike. As a business, you may need to comply with HIPAA, the Red Flags Rule, and other federal laws. These regulations require your company to destroy certain sensitive materials in order to protect your employees and customers.

Individuals rely on our work to protect their private information, such as their social security number, financial accounts, and personal communications. They may collect out-of-date but sensitive documents in home or in an off-site storage facility, uncertain about the best way to get rid of these materials.

Choosing a Thousand Oaks mobile document destruction company to handle the work for you can save you up to 17% of the cost of doing it yourself. Confidential Data Destruction Company will remove unneeded materials in minutes and save you the time and labor of shredding and hauling.

Services for Customers

Mobile document destruction allows you to eliminate unwanted materials from your home or business in a secure way. The level of support that you need depends on your situation, which is why Confidential Data Destruction Company offers several different service options…

Scheduled container service: The CDDC team arrives on-site at your location for a regularly-scheduled pickup. Our data destruction specialists gather materials from secure collection units placed throughout your building, and they transport these materials to our awaiting mobile destruction truck. Materials are immediately destroyed.

Periodic purge service: Your Thousand Oaks home or business may only need mobile document destruction from time to time. Contact CDDC, and we will pick up these materials and shred them on-site at a time and date that works for your schedule.

Offsite shredding: Some customers prefer that materials be shredded away from their location. With this service, we transport your documents to our facility for destruction. CDDC uses high-grade security measures to track documents from the moment they leave your possession to the time they arrive at our location. You or your representative may accompany our staff for added assurance.

Drop-off: Customers may only have a small load of materials that they need to shred. Take advantage of our drop-off service. We invite you to bring your confidential data to any of our locations throughout Southern California.

E-waste / Electronic Media Destruction: Thousand Oaks mobile document shredding is not limited to paper. CDDC’s equipment is designed to handle a variety of media, including hard drives and monitors, smart phones, CDs, and DVDs.

Confidential Data Destruction Company offers other support services for businesses, such as “safe shred” events and witnessed data destruction. We invite you to contact us to learn more about these options.

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