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Thousand Oaks Mobile Document Shredding Destruction

Thousand Oaks Mobile Document Destruction and Shredding: Going Green, Saving Time, and Protecting Your Company

For companies in Thousand Oaks, mobile document shredding and destruction may solve a variety of challenges. Below, learn about the reasons that small businesses, large companies, and major industry all rely on these services.

Going Green

Despite the continued digitization of business communications, literally “tons” of work continues to take place on paper. An average employee uses about a half a pound of paper per week. Simultaneously, many companies are concerned about recycling these materials because of the sensitive nature of the information they may contain.

Rather than creating waste in Thousand Oaks, mobile document shredding eliminates unwanted, out-of-date, and confidential materials in a secure, environmentally-friendly manner. Every ton shredded by a green-friendly provider saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 2.5 tons of greenhouse gasses, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 4100 kw of electricity.

Saving Time

Companies look for opportunities to reduce waste and operate more efficiently. Having employees handle document destruction works against this goal; a typical employee takes five hours to shred 50 pounds of paper, where a top provider of Thousand Oaks mobile document destruction can do the same task in minutes.

Document destruction companies with the right equipment can also get rid of electronic media, such as hard drives, computer monitors, and storage discs. Industrial-grade equipment completely eliminates the data on these media without exposing employees to glass, metal shards, and plastic shrapnel.

Protecting Companies

Businesses have sensitive information to safeguard. It may be out-of-date records containing customer financial data. It could be early drafts of marketing campaigns or strategic plans. It may even be healthcare records or social security information for employees in Thousand Oaks.

Mobile document shredding is a secure alternative to tossing these materials into the trash once they become out-of-date. Unfortunately, no laws protect these documents once they are tossed into the garbage; anyone who wants to access them can do so. Eliminating records using advanced shredding trucks and trained specialists offers a higher level of security.

Work with CDDC

Confidential Data Destruction Company has helped companies go green, save time, and protect their information for years. Our high-quality staff, equipment, and use of best practices in document security are reasons that we have become industry leaders.

CDDC offers a variety of service options for your business. We can arrange for scheduled on-site pickup, a one-time purge service, or witnessed document destruction, depending on your ongoing needs. Add a further degree of safety by using our system of secure locking bins throughout your Thousand Oaks facility. When our mobile document destruction team arrives on-site, our specialists collect materials from these bins, haul them to our awaiting shredder truck, and immediately destroy these documents.

Whatever challenges your company faces with document management, we invite you to get in touch to discuss our solutions.

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