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Thousand Oaks Mobile Paper Shredding Services

Thousand Oaks Mobile Paper Shredding Services: Documents, Electronic Media, and More

For businesses in Thousand Oaks, mobile shredding services can be an efficient and safe way to destroy unneeded records. Through the service, businesses can eliminate paper documents as well as data stored in other media, such as computer hard drives, DVDs, and old mobile telephones. Read on to learn more.

Paper Documents and Records

Confidential Data Destruction Company has long been the provider of choice for companies in Thousand Oaks. Mobile paper shredding services are handled by our data destruction team members, who have undergone background checks and special training with our industrial-grade equipment. They understand that they are responsible for your data security, and they approach this duty with the appropriate care and diligence.

The typical process:
• Whether your company requires ongoing scheduled pickups or a periodic purge, CDDC will come to your location in Thousand Oaks.
• Paper shredding services begin with the collection of your materials. Our staff will haul these documents from your facility to our shredding truck for immediate destruction.
• Companies that are required to witness the elimination of these materials can view the process on screens embedded in the truck’s exterior. We will also provide a Certificate of Destruction and an itemized list of the materials that we have removed.

If you prefer to have materials destroyed off-site, we can haul documents to our facility for processing. Your business may also bring documents for drop-off service at one of our nearby locations.

Electronic Media Security in Thousand Oaks

Mobile shredding services are not limited to paper. More and more, information is being stored in digital formats and on electronic media such as hard drives, DVDs, and CDs.

Companies are not typically equipped to handle the destruction of these media because:
• It can be dangerous. Without the right equipment, destroying computer discs and communication devices can expose employees to shards of glass, metal, and wiring.
• It is time-consuming. Tons of electronics may have to be destroyed to ensure that data cannot be recovered. Professional services can usually accomplish this task more efficiently than an untrained employee.
• Your company may not be able to achieve the same level of security. CDDC’s mobile shredding services for Thousand Oaks reduce electronics to unusable components. This type of data destruction can only be achieved safely with industrial-grade equipment.

About CDDC

Confidential Data Destruction Company can protect your business’ sensitive information, save you time and money, and eliminate unwanted, space-consuming data from your facility. Our clients include financial institutions; law enforcement agencies; healthcare providers; and other businesses throughout Southern California.

CDDC has built its success on the reliability, security, and professionalism of our services. We arrive on-time at your site, work efficiently, and immediately eliminate your materials. Our data destruction specialists communicate with you about challenges and identify solutions, and they conduct their business with no interruption to your operations.

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