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Thousand Oaks Mobile Shredding Services

Thousand Oaks Mobile Shredding Services: Data Security and the Law

For some businesses in Thousand Oaks, mobile shredding services may seem like a “convenience” more than a necessity. However, these companies may be overlooking their legal requirement to keep sensitive materials from becoming public.

Confidential Data Destruction Company has been providing Thousand Oaks mobile shredding services for years. During that time, we have kept in step with the requirements of the law and helped protect our customers from legal exposure.

Laws Related to Data Security

Two of the most important developments in recent years have been HIPAA and the Red Flags Rule.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects individually identifiable health information, and the HIPAA Security Rule establishes national standards for securing electronic, protected health information. Typically, HIPAA is a concern of businesses in the healthcare or medical services industries.

The Red Flags Rule, created under the Federal Trade Commission, defines how certain organizations must establish, implement, and manage identify theft prevention programs. In short, these companies must recognize “red flags” for identity theft; set procedures for finding these red flags; prevent or lessen harm that these issues may cause; and maintain the programs they have built. Currently, the rule focuses on financial institutions and creditors.

Data Destruction and Legal Requirements

One of the ways that companies protect the data described in HIPAA and Red Flags is by eliminating out-of-date, unneeded, and sensitive information. However, throwing these materials in the trash may not go far enough; it’s all too easy for someone to take these documents out of the trash and use them inappropriately.

Confidential Data Destruction Company provides Thousand Oaks paper shredding services that remove this threat. We eliminate sensitive records so that they cannot be recovered and accessed by the wrong person. With our services, a business can demonstrate how it is meeting state and federal regulations.

Working with Confidential Data Destruction Company

If your company is interested in securely destroying sensitive materials, we invite you to explore our convenient service options…

Scheduled pickup service is best for companies that have an ongoing need for document shredding. CDDC arrives on-site, and our data destruction specialists haul your materials from secure collection bins to our awaiting shredder truck.

Periodic purges can also be scheduled. Rather than regular on-site pickup, our teams collect and destroy the company’s unwanted materials when and where it is required. We can also arrange for off-site shredding; our specialists take the material from your location and destroy it at one of our nearby facilities.

Drop-off services are a fit for residential and small business customers. You can bring your unwanted documents to our location. There, our team unloads these materials and hauls them to our shredding equipment for immediate destruction.

With any of these options, we can provide you with the opportunity to witness the shredding process and to receive an itemized certificate of destruction. Let us know how we can serve you; get in touch with Confidential Data Destruction Company today.

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