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Thousand Oaks Paper Shredding Services

Why Customers Rely on Thousand Oaks Paper Shredding Services

Whether you are a homeowner or a business manager in Thousand Oaks, paper shredding services can help you control sensitive information more effectively. Below, Confidential Data Destruction Company (CDDC) discusses some of the reasons that customers like you rely on its work.

Security and Privacy

As an individual, you often create records that you prefer not be shared with others. It may be printed financial records; electronic statements stored on your old computer’s hard drive; or checking account documents. What you may not know: when you throw these materials into the trash, the law allows anyone who has access to view them. The same risk exists for businesses in Thousand Oaks.

Paper shredding services can destroy sensitive but unwanted materials, including financial holdings; private communications; plans for future products; and marketing strategies. Businesses may also collect consumer information that they are legally required to protect. Professional document destruction from CDDC helps ensure that this data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Homeowners often find that they lack the space they need. They keep old electronics, printed records, and boxes of out-of-date papers stored in the attic or in a home office. Over time, this storage system can take up room that is better suited to other purposes.

The problem is more extreme for businesses. Companies may become buried under mountains of papers and old electronic media. Keeping these materials on-site takes up room that could be used for employees and operations. Storing these materials off-site costs the company travel time and money. With data destruction services from CDDC, you can eliminate these materials in a single purge.

Safety and Efficiency

Whether you are an individual or a company, shredding a large amount of materials on your own can be a dangerous and time-consuming hassle. Retail shredding equipment may not be suited for the bulk of documents that you need to eliminate. It is also unlikely to handle electronic media, such as computer hard drives and monitors.

As a leading provider of Thousand Oaks mobile document destruction, CDDC uses industrial-grade equipment in its work. Our specialists can get rid of materials in a safe manner, preventing you or your team from exposure to glass, metal shards, and other dangerous shrapnel. We can also complete big jobs in a fraction of the time, freeing you or your employees for other work.

About CDDC

Confidential Data Destruction Company is Southern California’s reliable, expert provider of mobile data destruction. We customize solutions to fit our customers’ needs, whether they require on-site scheduled pickup, periodic purge services, or drop-off service.

Our high-grade shredding trucks and our trained, background-verified staff allow us to meet challenges in almost any assignment. We work with individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, and organizations that manage highly-confidential data.

Professionalism, security, and customer service guide our operations. We invite you to experience our work for yourself.

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