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Ventura Mobile Document Shredding

For Businesses in Ventura, Mobile Document Shredding is a Smart Move

The costs of poor stewardship of confidential data are high. From federal penalties and fines to civil lawsuits and expensive claims, being held liable for leaked privileged information is something that most businesses can’t afford. Fortunately, transitioning to a more secure document management is easier than you’d think. Many businesses make the mistake of reinventing the wheel when it comes to document destruction systems. Because it’s difficult to cover all of the bases without some trial and error, in-office solutions often result in confusion among staff, high costs and poor execution.

We understand just how complex document security can get in an office—and that’s why Confidential Data Destruction Company is here to help. Our mobile document shredding is a simple solution that is cost-effective, efficient and intuitive as it integrates into your existing workflow.

There are numerous reasons why it makes sense to go mobile:

• Mobile document shredding is easier. Time is money—and spending hours manually feeding stacks of files into one of those underpowered shredders from the big box office stores is a terrible waste of resources. Why spend four hours shredding documents by hand when our mobile shredding trucks can do the same job in four minutes?

• Mobile document shredding is more secure. With in-office paper shredders, you get what you pay for. Aside from being less secure, a basic straight-cut shredder can malfunction, jam or only partially shred a document when overloaded. Our mobile shredding trucks go beyond even the highest end cross cut and confetti shredders—we can even shred cell phones, hard drives, DVDs and other media, too.

• Mobile document shredding is greener. Offices produce tons of paper waste each year—much of which ends up in a landfill. We take your shredded paper waste to a certified recycling facility to help minimize your environmental impact.

At Confidential Data Destruction Company, we let you rest easy, stay productive and save money—all while protecting the privacy of your clients and colleagues.

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