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Ventura Mobile Shredding Services

Staying Compliant in Ventura? Mobile Shredding Services Cover Your Bases

Proper disposal of sensitive documents is essential to protecting the privacy of your clients in Ventura County and across the nation. It’s not just good for business—in many case, it’s the law. Consider some of these common myths about paper shredding:

Myth: Not all businesses have to shred.

Although most federal regulations—such as HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA—are tailored to specific industries, you don’t have to be in the medical, financial or banking industry for the rules to apply to your business. In fact, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act recently expanded HIPAA requirements beyond hospitals and medical practitioners to include business associates as well. And if you accept credit cards, then FACTA undoubtedly applies to your office.

Myth: Mobile shredding services are more expensive.

A paper shredder from an office store may only cost you a few hundred dollars upfront—but a shredder is just equipment. Unless you intend on coming in on the weekends to shred, the hours it’ll take you to go shred all of the necessary documents to stay compliant will be on the clock. Our mobile shredders, on the other hand, can destroy in 4 minutes what your staff can shred by hand in 4 hours.

Myth: Company secrets are protected by law.

True, if a company steals privileged information, you can take them to court and recover damages pursuant to the Economic Espionage Act. But once a document—be it a customer list or a business model—hits that dumpster, it’s no longer proprietary information and is now “discarded material.” In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court California vs. Greenwood laid out certain protections for “dumpster diving.”

If you’re still not sure whether or not your company’s current practices are compliant and secure, give Confidential Data Destruction Company a call. We’ll give you a free consultation on what level of mobile paper shredding services your company needs to stay secure and legal.

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