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Ventura Paper Shredding Services

Attention Large and Small Businesses in Ventura: Paper Shredding Services Protect You in More Ways than You Expected

To many businesses in Ventura, paper shredding services is considered a “best practice.” But in reality, secure document destruction is often required by law. More importantly, shredding confidential documents is essential to protecting company secrets and sensitive personal information. At Confidential Data Destruction Company, we cover all of the bases, including some of the risks and responsibilities that may not have occurred to you. Consider the following:

You’re never too small to shred. FACTA applies to entities of all sizes. For example, if you and your spouse perform a background check before hiring a nanny, FACTA requires you to shred any sensitive information or you could face legal actions.

Certification matters. In-house shredding rarely meets the same rigorous procedural standards as a certified shredder. The documentation you’ll receive from a certified shredder may be your best defense in a court of law. Confidential Data Destruction Company is a member of NAID and our on-site and off-site shredders are all certified.

Shredded material can be reconstructed. Paid laborers or sophisticated software can piece together a cross cut, straight cut or confetti cut lot of documents in a matter of hours. Our paper shredding services grind your documents into millions of pieces, rendering it completely irrecoverable.

Discarded materials are fair game. If you put document containing company secrets on the curb or hand it to a paper recycler, your giving up your ownership of the documents and thus your right to privacy.

There are dozens of reasons why mobile paper shredding services provide the most convenience and security for your money. At Confidential Data Destruction Company, we go to extreme lengths to protect you from liability so you can rest easy.

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