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Witnessed Destruction Services

Some of our clients are legally obligated to oversee the destruction of their records. More so than identity theft, organizations such as law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, or government agencies rely on this verification to ensure confidential information remains private.

Witnessed destruction allows a company representative to review live footage to ensure that CDDC follows proper, nationally certified, procedures for document destruction. With our witnessed destruction services, attorneys, businesses with strict confidentiality guidelines, and other organizations that necessitate this additional step can assign an employee to review that all procedures are followed by:

  • Reviewing footage from external cameras that show the entire process of document destruction as it is occurring.
  • Allowing a company representative to oversee the material’s destruction at our facility.
  • Receiving a notarized Certification of Destruction to verify due diligence was used to protect sensitive information.

At CDDC, we understand that the security of your employees, customers, and company’s information is valuable and needs an added level of protection to guarantee safety.

Witnessed Destruction as an Add-on Service

The witnessed destruction service is an added security measure to give you peace of mind that your documents have been destroyed according to strict, nationally certified, industry standards to protect customer, employee, or company information.

Mobile or Off-site Services for Your Convenience

CDDC offers a variety of on and off site services to meet the document destruction needs of your company. Our off-site service offers pick-up or drop-off options that can include the surveillance needed for witnessed destruction. Mobile shredding services can be monitored by setting up strategically placed security cameras for an on-site company representative.

For more information on how to add witnessed destruction services to mobile or offsite paper shredding, contact CDDC at 888-826-2332 for a free estimate.